Sunday, December 24, 2017


Today is uniquely satisfying in ways that nothing else can touch. Enjoy your moments. Share purpose, humor and longing. Let love light you up. Taste happiness and understanding. Live with peace in your heart. Be honorable and you will sleep well tonight.

This is your day. Value it. You are light, humor, change and sensuality. Choices are built on dreams, passions, struggle and reward. Today is an opportunity to honor your soul by living well. Today is new, a chance to see what you need, have want you want and speak from your heart.

The present is all we have. Hold close what you value and love deeply when you can. Let go of what feels wrong. Keep dancing. Breathe deeply with your whole body. This moment is sacred. Use it well.

Nothing is interchangeable with today. To find true love be true to your heart. Don't sweat the small stuff. Make connections. Curiosity is part of courage. Passion and determination connect dreams that bring satisfaction. Let wonder and gratitude find answers you need.

Today your life has taken root, and your lips, mind and heart are golden branches in tune with the sky. Play soft notes with your words for they become the pillow of tomorrow's dreams. They are the music of your soul. Today they shape the wind.

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