Sunday, May 22, 2016

Making plans.

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans". #JohnLennon

Life is a crash course in amazement. We are part of things we cannot control. Everyone has to process failure. Hang on to your smile because free-falls happen. Smiles are skyhooks of Light

We are cosmic music of heartbeats and breath. Nothing matters more than being honest with yourself. That's the refrain that keeps playing. It's the backbone of happiness

Be responsible to your heart, mind, body and soul by balancing and responding to what you sense. Mortality holds us with a light touch. The music plays and we dance, sometimes alone but usually with others. Feel your unique DNA ordained rhythms. Sense the beat.

Smile from the heart. Hear through your eyes. Inhale and exhale intentionally. Your life is part of the grand design. You are a source of original energy. Inside of you are answers to your questions. Notice what you sense. Intuition gets stronger when you use it.

Use the inner compass of your senses to stay on the path of destiny. You see, hear, taste, touch and smell where you are and where you want to be, but your senses don't tell you what to do. The way to predict the future is to create it. Intuition is DNA ordained, time-bending GPS that spins with honor and dignity. True North is the same for everyone. It is inner Light of purpose that shines the way.

Intuitive muscles build inner strength that is the foundation for joy. We are always the sum of our potential. Work-out with courage, dignity, foresight, determination, patience and curiosity to power your journey through time with honor, character and class

Back-peddling that seems like a glitch, usually brings personal growth or unexpected magic. 
Miracles happen every day. 

You are not alone. Share eye contact. Soul-touch with your ears. Feel the Light with your heart. Be compassionate. Needs are signposts with flashing lights. Pay attention. You are the universe expressing itself as a human  being. #Eckart Tolle

Noticing what you sense can balance your heart, mind and soul. Tune-in to your truth. Someone loves you. Someone depends on you. You have dreams and desires. No matter what answers are present, everything is possible because everything is changing.  Flex intuitive muscles by using your eyes and ears to understand who you are.  

Life is amazing. You are much more than you realize. Plan to love life. Great passion is a firm, strong heart with a gentle and yielding mind. Be willing to "change rooms in your mind for a day." Check in with the wild side of innocence that is tattooed to your soul. With intuitive timing, plans work out.
Think with your senses and feel with your mind. 
Life is sweet and lovely.    #janebernard 

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