Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Smiles lift us to a place of possibility.

Blending energy is human magic. A smile transcends the rational to sense the possibleSmiling is our human way of spreading the intangible spirit of hope. When you see a person without a smile, give them yours. Sometimes a smile is just a smile – other times, it's a moment of Peace.  That’s why a smile can change everything. 

Our world is an obstacle course of disruptive innovation. Smiling, like eye contact, is a choice that helps us help ourselves. Your smile is energy that heals. 

Life is constant change. It seems we are all, in some way, are being liberated  – and not necessarily by choice. Life is adventure, surprise, responsibilities and Love. Smiling at others is our non-invasive communal way of staying connected to the bigger picture.

Your smile is personality. It delivers connections that open-source new opportunities. It sets tones of intimacy or shows appreciation. Courage, dignity or curiosity bring an inner smile that keeps us balanced and in-tune with heart, soul, each other and the unexpected. Constantly we blend energies along the way with a smile and without a thought.

No matter what choices you make, there is always another gauntlet. Sometimes all it takes to balance the way is to share a smile. Dancing with change is intuitive. The alchemy of being is a balance of spontaneity with change. Our fulcrum is Heart. Smiling keeps us steady.
The unexpected happens every day. Every day, the ground beneath our feet moves. It’s rarely what we expect. Smile more.  Smiling is the stress-free intuitive way of letting go of expectation, judgment and cynicism to let fresh energy come. 

By smiling, we organically sync and heal with pace, freedom and LoveSmiles invite peace. Peace is an elastic zone full of Light and surprises. Like sharing a smile or falling in love, Peace is collaboration of energies. 

We need peace to know satisfaction. When someone smiles,  gives you their hand and looks into your eyes —it is an exciting whiff of  freedom to be yourself
Personal satisfaction is contained and sustained with certain energy found in a smile. 
Often smiling is the comfort zone of choice. 

As you smile, you're letting go of demands you place on yourself and others. Your whole face relaxes and you sense a Lightness. It's a state of mind. We
 find more intrinsic value in Life when we smile more. It's amazing. 

No matter what else is happening the wind blows, the sun rises and a baby is born. Every Life has seasons and each its beauty and lessons. Living on this planet comes with no manual. Instead we sense our own uniqueness and energy we share with each other. 

Your smile signals acceptance. When someone smiles we instinctively relax and smile back, because we feel we are not being judged. When we share smiles, it's a way of connecting even if we’ve never met. When energy feels like mutual respect, its the path to Love. Smiling makes communication sweeter

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile 
but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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