Saturday, February 13, 2016

Feel the love.

Love glimpsed even for an instant turns the world inside out—Rumi
Challenges are the DNA of living. Determination is traction. Thinking sensually pulls it together. Vibrant connection with sensuality is a many splendored thing that just plain feel great! 

Sensuality is lyrical and persistent, like the taste of desire. Desire and excitement defy intellectual description

Love, wonder and truth are awesome spiritual connections. Spontaneous sensuality, with each other and the magic of life, unites us. Your senses tune to what's real. Reality updates in a blink. 

While navigating the dizzy spin on the potters wheel of living, the sky changes, reality rolls. Clouds of love, moonlight, childbirth and death touch everyone. Determination keeps us true to ourselves and our dreams.

Wear a suit of intuitive honor with a smile of confidenceTruth, character and courage are the sensual spices of choice that fortify and define flavors of living.

With personal integrity there is nothing to fear. If we have nothing to fear, we have confidence in the moment and comforting faith in momentum. With faith, there is honor and we are brave. Courage is a quiet thing that howls. Your intuition is a sensual kaleidoscope that changes with every breath. Inhale deeply.

Wind blows. We are always tipping a little bit. The only thing we truly control is ourselves. Notice what you sense. Ride with truth to stay balanced. Be patient and enjoy the freefalls. Whether the moment calls for a kiss, self-defense or the thrill of opening up to the improbable, the answer is always love. Go for the thrill.  

Feel Love. The greatest connections of life explode when you think with your senses and feel with your mind. Dance with the music of change because this is your song. Ride the truth with inner certainty. Reach your goal.

Your intuition links with honor, amazement, dignity and passion. These are playgrounds of Love and islands of harmony. Think with your senses and feel with your mind to secure inner boundaries of justice and dreams. You will relax and find harmony

Stay tuned to what you value. Comfort, love and character are multidimensional explosions of taste, touch and rhythms of soul. Life is happening. Truth is intoxicating. Drink the wine of love, face winds of truth. Live with passion and soul. 

You can sense freedom, peace, potential and wonder by trusting your intuition . Be inside the moment. Intuitive living is active learning. Be hungry to learn, thirsty to Love and grateful to know Life. Never give up. Be your highest potential.

When you're falling, dive. You will discover light, colors, courage, kindness, love and wonder are with you. Your spirit is a reflection of your dreams. Wonder is a collaboration of the unimaginable that connects us with each other. The fact is you'll find what you’re looking for. Trust your heart and listen. Truth, character and courage make us great.

Dreams are places that we want to be. Take the plunge. Be sensual. Feel the love.
Don't be afraid to be amazing.~Andy Offutt Irwin

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