Monday, February 8, 2016

Winter's Spiritual Revolution

Sensual thinking wakes us to embody winter's spiritual revolution. With mind and soul, we connect the excitement of  Dignity with Destiny. There is nothing sedentary about winter. 

Nature taps us on the shoulder to be instantly are part of the dance. Relentless cold air builds stamina that refreshes our sense of right and wrong. Yearnings and desires under our skin are a sensual nudgeIn winter’s light, music of inner harmony never skips a beat. Inner confidence grows during the short days. Let it snow. Blizzards bring blankets of endurance.

Winter demands patience and presence. Snowflakes guide us to look up and sense with amazement quiet joy and power of LifeWe re-discover indispensable intuitive hungers and our drive for the warmth of freedom, love and wisdom bring transformation.

Breathe in action. Cold winds demand character. Nature teaches; we learn about ourselves and each other. Reflection is a miracle fuel of passion and the gear shift of action. We are alive inside the moment of winter's embrace. Spinning with the season we choose Justice, Freedom and Love as we anticipate spring.
Beating the odds, with renewed determination, we get close to what’s warm. 

Clear winter light reincarnates sensual rhythms of connection and timing. Dance with the beat of your heart to keep warm. Confidence grows inside the swirling momentum of the bigger picture. Like the winter snow, we float  and swirl  towards our ground.

Meet with old friends and find new ways to be creative. With heart and mind we are sensual.  Presence tunes to our highest self. During the long nights, intuitively we recharge our spiritual selves.

Seasons follow fixed laws of change. We are pressed to balance justice and love. As energy of yuletide wraps like a satin ribbon around the world, we talk about history, heroes and forgiving. We connect with our needs.

Velvet black skies are cozy blankets. Under covers of hope and dreams, we put our heads, hearts, bodies and souls together to enter the moment. Push to the limits of courage. Recharge your natural dignity. Tune to destiny. Be your finest. Spring is coming.

Winter teases us with magic and miracles
Rhythms of the season say, “Welcome to your senses! The only thing you truly control is yourself.”

Baby, It's cold outside.

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