Sunday, September 30, 2018


Life keeps movingFeel the bounce. You are born to make history. It's lucky to be alive

Sense options that are uplifting - like beauty and love. Courage appears unexpectedly when you need it. You don't have to think about it.

Each bounce is fresh, another chance, another option, a different affirmation, a new taste of love, a new taste of reality. The delight of laughter or an unexpected touch of insight makes you feel more alive. Trust intuition to honor your spirit

Don't forget who you are. Notice where you're going. Stay in touch with body, heart and soul. Be brave. The bounce is not predictable. Courage is not always rational, but neither is life. Your potential is exciting. Be passionate. The future is yours to create.

Self-esteem is power.

Intuition is the bounce of self-esteem. It filters emotions to find the music and power of common sense. There is no agenda. Passion is bounce –  a spark, gut feeling, nudge, instinct, heat. Intuition is dignity and curiosity that reformats emotions of desireYou bounce with clear energy – like  a kiss or good news – and then surprise yourself by doing more than ever imagined. There is a certain private boldness, a passionate courage inside you.

Passions open the stream of change so that you see yourself. Intuitive energy come through to break down outdated mind patterns. Passion is the tick, the pang, the rush that inspires and lifts. In a high cycle of bounce where what you see is in rhythm with what you sense. There’s good timing, direction and purpose. Suddenly everything makes a difference. 

Things come together.

Intuitive energy is an open portal – a free zone where time, desire and reality collide. A gut feeling is a cellular union of mouth, nose, ears, eyes, heart, mind and soul that builds buzzBouncing between the past and present peels away resistance to change. Love enters the picture and is so natural you don’t always recognize it. but, nothing gets inside your soul that you do not invite with love.  

Thinking with six senses coordinates what you see with what you know and what you feel to spontaneously celebrate, inform and calculate the moment. Excitement, enthusiasm and smart choices happen. The steady bounce of active compassion is a pleasing unspoken sense of partnership. It can be with your heart or with a total stranger.   


The great thing about love is that we have an endless supply of it inside us. Even if it's not returned, by loving freely the bounce opens all kinds of magic and miracles. When we bounce blindly between understanding and confusion, between now and later, between soul and temptation the bounce forces us to peak and focus. Again, the answer is love. With eyes, ears and mind suddenly open we find direction, purpose and passion. It's the point of 'common sense'. 

We call it passion. Gentle passion in the moment is instinctive awareness. It is rhythms of potential that you may not see in yourself. A high bounce is how you sense it’s there. As long as you live, you are bouncing. Dance to the beat of your heart.

Photo by Mikes Photos from Pexels

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