Sunday, July 3, 2016

Invisible Attraction

Jane Bernard

The human soul must be free. Recognizing and using sensual thinking keeps us independent. Rhythms and momentum of being are the invisible attraction to the dance of Life. The attaction is easy to feel. 

Intuition opens the big picture and we fine tune it with our 5 senses. The attraction is strong. Tune-in to your beautiful spirit. Make direct contact with the Light at the end of the tunnel. Let's dance together.

Intuitive independence means leaving behind dogma and doubt. It's a commitment to what's genuine. Tune-out stress and tune-in to your potential. It's impossible to confuse your 6th sense. Learn to see what matters and hear what you need to honor yourself. Let me teach you how to do it. Be authentic. Let your spirit soar. 

What’s on your mind? Together we can do anything! Choose to exit the matrix, understand boundaries and make connections. Be liberated from what doesn't serve you. Let's talk about loveBeing authentic is the only way to have a fulfilled, healthy, meaningful life. Freedom is not just another word. 

Let's talk about freedom. People all over are looking for a liberating perspective. Freedom is an open mind and clear conscience. Intuitive tools like courage, dignity and curiosity keep that happening.

Independence means honoring self-worth. It's a good feeling. We all are 'coming out' in some way. We struggle with the system, loved ones and ourselves. Intuitive thinking the organic way we protect and power ourself forward with purpose. The invisible attraction to intuitive thinking is authentic. You sense more than you realize. Coming out and living openly aren’t something you do once, or even for one year. It’s a journey that we make every single day of our lives.. It is brave to live openly and authentically.#Human Rights Campaign

Jane Bernard 's uniquely accessible perspective on intuition and the creative process liberates people of all ages. Degrees in Philosophy (The New School for Social Research) and Special Education (Bank Street College), and three decades of Zen practice form the foundation of her thinking. 

Jane has been a writer for 25 years, including working for educational think-tanks, educational television and technical writing.  She is a published creative writer and former adjunct writing professor at several universities.

Jane has been on The Montel Show and is a regular on national and international radio talking about intuition and sensual thinking. She has inspired audiences at elementary schools, old-age homes and places inbetween to recognize the invisible attraction of Life.  

Jane is the author of 2 blogs Intuitive Scribe and Intuitive Eating and 3 books: Fine Tuning, a handbook for intuitive thinking that can be opened to any page for a sound-bite of insight, Am I Really  Hungry, a guide for intuitive eating and Knock Your Block Off, which uses sensual thinking to spark creative solutions to beat writer's block.  A handbook for sensual thinking will be available September 2017. 

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