Sunday, July 3, 2016

Invisible Attraction

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

The human soul must be free. Recognizing and using sensual thinking is the power of thinking outside the box. Rhythms and momentum of being are the invisible attraction that flows under your skin and drives the dance of Life. 

Accessing intuition opens the big picture of your potential. Fine tune it by using  your 5 senses. The attraction is strong. Tune-in to your beautiful spirit. Make direct contact with the Light at the end of the tunnel. Let's dance together.

Intuitive independence leaves behind dogma and doubt. It's a commitment to what's genuine. You can tune-out stress and tune-in to your potential. It's impossible to confuse your 6th sense

Learn to see what matters and hear what you need. Honor yourself. Let your spirit soar. A simple handbook for understanding your intuition is Lucid Living. The intuitive attraction is clear.

What touches your heart? Together we can do anything! Choose to exit the matrix, understand real  boundaries and make connections. Be liberated from what doesn't serve you. 

Let's talk about loveBeing authentic is the only way to have a fulfilled, healthy, meaningful life. Love is soul. Freedom is not just another word. 

Talk about freedom. How does it feel to you? Freedom is an open mind and clear heart. Intuitive tools like courage, dignity and curiosity keep that happening.  Notice what's tugging your heart.

Independence means honoring self-worth. It's important. We all are 'coming out' in some way. We struggle with the system, loved ones or ourselves. Sensual thinking liberates and powers invisible connections with purpose and dignity. Stay free.

The sensual attraction to intuitive thinking is authentic. You sense more than you realize. Coming out and living openly aren’t something you do once, or even for one year. It’s a journey that we make every single day of our lives.. It is brave to live openly and authentically.#Human Rights Campaign

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