Thursday, July 20, 2017


photo by Giuseppe Bovo
Sensuality cannot be programmed.Through a gut feeling, an unexpected kiss or cooling breeze, we lucidly transform. Sensuality, like wonder is our uniquely human way to communicate and collaborate with each other and with Nature. We intuitively use sensuality to know ourselves. 

I don't like to gamble, but if there is one thing I'm willing to bet on, it's myself. #Beyonce 

Intuitive self-respect  is your private experience of traveling beyond organic limits of intelligence and health to meet Destiny. It's the direct line to courage that brings excitement of vitality and purpose. Life is amazing.

Sensuality is the human advantage. While AI strives hard to be ‘real', we are ‘real Life’. We know what Life feels like. When passion, direction, purpose and Love feels right, we bet on ourself and find happiness.

AI frees us from soul deadening mechanical tasks to be intuitive, innovative and social. We are born to know freedom. We are here to Love and laugh with each other, and to work together to nourish ourselves and honor our planet. Ancient cultures knew this. Today we are coming full cycle. While jobs are quickly disappearing due to technology, we are reconnecting with intuitive thinking to imagine new jobs that focus on global values like good health, expanding time, manifesting justice and syncing with the environment.

It intuitive to seek excitement. Invigorate sensuality by seeing, hearing, taste, touch or smell. It's how to keep the edge. Ignoring our senses lowers the Light. It literally dims mind and spirit. When this happens, we turn to drugs or gambling or needlessly competitive choices in our organic search for 'excitement'. Boredom makes us antsy. Without the excitement of sensuality, we lose touch with organic resilience and creativity. Then, like mechanical intelligence, we are vulnerable to input from anyone, anywhere, any time.

Betting on yourself is betting on your intuition. You are amazing. Cellular sensuality tunes to life-changing insights. Life is magical. Natural vitality tunes to our human skill of reinvention and drives our brain to recognize and balance what matters. It's how we feel the edge and find harmony.

Sensual thinking tunes our brain so we don’t become a tool of other people’s thinking. Tune to the wonder of this moment and you will become your highest potential. Be grateful for every Nano bite of sensuality and Life gets lusty. Trust your cosmic self. It's a good bet.