Friday, May 2, 2014

The (R)evolution

"Revolution is not a onetime event."~A. Lorde

Today's revolution is natural evolution towards collaboration, transparent communication and celebration of creativity for the common good. We are shedding a past gutted with strife to dance forward with change and challenges by tuning-in to what we sense with heart, body, mind and soul. We are now multi-dimensional thinkers. The past is history. Today is opportunity.

Thought evolution keeps us curious. It feels good. As we think with our senses and feel with our mind, we anticipate evolution.  We're constantly fine-tuning the way we think to 
sync with momentum of change. We are resetting the moral compass by connecting with character and over-riding dogma. 

Thinking sensually spikes Dignity. It's a blend of hard earned-wisdom from the past 2000 years with effervescent opportunities pinging through our world today. What we sense is a constant reality check to clarify values and boundaries connecting us. We are working to evolve into a mode of global collaboration for the greater good. That means we celebrate our differences by trusting what we have in common. 

Sensual thinking is the now (r)evolutionary way to communicate. It is talking less and sensing more. This now way we relate enhances what is natural and flexible. It's so simple, we don't realize we do it. It's refreshing, exciting and grounding to 
ride with change.

Sensual thinking is a celebration of natural creativity that has no cultural boundaries or dogma. Like water, it's everywhere, morphs and serves our lives. We curious and dignified. We communicate by tuning into self-respect, courage and grace. We affirm our inner character. 

Everything cultural and natural changes. Even versions of "the truth" go in and out of fashion. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind, unites us for the greater good. That's intense and  common sense! 

Last night, I was at a classic NYC party honoring photographer Lucien Clergue,  known for his erotic, elegant, playful photographs. He’s 90 and the event was full of interesting people, including a man who introduced himself as in “mergers and acquisitions”. When I said that the industrial age was dead, he became offended, reminding me that equipment we use today is from the industrial age. OMG. When I say the industrial age is dead, I mean that the DOGMA that created it is no longer relevant.  

As we stay in tune with change, relevant answers and new possibilities emerge to effectively deal with personal and global issues in new ways. Sensual thinking is not memorizing answers; it's understanding answers in the context of intuitive global values and change.

By relying on intuitive values we trust, in order to think clearly with natural courage and dignity, we are pushing open the door to a new Humanitarian Age. Thought evolution is cool.  

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