Saturday, February 4, 2017


This is your story. Don't rush it. In every possible way stay in-tune with your heartLinger with melodies. Everything has music. You will find what you want.

Life is a cosmic journey fueled with desire and passions that are portals of change. We are always navigating. 

Actions steered with kindness, curiosity and courage clear away debris of the past. Forgiveness is the treasure of freedom and the spur of loveNotice what you sense to  track stability, focus and direction.  

An inner law of being points towards purpose. You are strong enough to let go of what is past and wise enough to wait and work for what you deserve. Lean as close as possible to what you love. 

Linger across the bridge of time with your eyes and heart open. When you do, the middle of the day becomes a new beginning and the path opens. Savor the preciousness of your moments. Sense energy you see, hear, feel, taste, smell and touch. You know more than you realize.

Find what you need. It takes an only an instant to sense rhythms and then dance in tune with the changing tides of luck and fate. A pause to connect with curiosity, dignity, courage or foresight reveals direction and purpose. Listen to your heart to wisely balance opportunity with experience. 

The present is an open doorway. It is the spectacular experience we share. Be amazing. Cross the threshold of this moment with your head up. Actions speak louder than words. Honor your mind, body, heart and soul. Sense wonder. There is a reason you are reborn every morning with a celebration of the sunrise. Your energy is an important part of all Life. 

When change is positive, it lingers, uplifts and syncs with healthy momentum. Happiness fills us with light. Light heals. Food nourishes. Linger over a meal and you will  eat less

Self-respect brings good timing and the important power to be inside the momentTrust your gut to trust timing. Linger with a breath of gratitude before you get out of bed and find extra time to light the day.

Patience brings inner respect that is good for your heart. Linger and sense stability and comfortHave lucid dreamsRefresh your point of view. Reconnect with satisfaction

Want what matters. Everything is possible. Dance the cosmic dance of sensuality and be your groove. Linger with what you love a little longer.

Give 100% to courage, love, honesty and self-respect. You will know what you need and how to get it. Before you go to sleep, inhale some moonlight. Be grateful. Set your intentions and thrive.    #JaneBernard

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