Sunday, May 15, 2016


All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost. #JRTolkien 

Gold is a soft, pliable metal that doesn't resist change. Sometimes it glitters. Other times, gold is heavy, gets rubbed the wrong way with unsavory passions and greed, and it turns cheap.

I’ve had an “interesting” week. My apt building in NYC was sold and I and the other tenants received a stunning surprise -  a notice of eviction from the new owner. No phone calls or conversation. Just cold and soulless with less than 4 weeks to ‘comply.' Absurdly we are given the 'option' to fight this in court. How cheap. We are a peaceful, resilient bunch who stay up til the wee hours, sometimes wear glitter, utter words like 'karma' and see sunlight on the horizon. 

Life glitters. Thriving with change is an attitude. The thrill of golden opportunity is accessible to everyone. I'm excited about the move. Our senses are energy portals to active compassion that stimulates dreams and highlights priorities. Using sensual thinking opens protective boundaries that balance energy so that we stay safely between structure and serendipity. Intuitive filters like curiosity and courage define clarity so we can find what we need.  

At all times, a nugget of pure gold shines from your heart. Notice what you sense. Put your energy into intuitive portals of  curiosity, courage and patience and feel the golden light of balance. Opportunity surrounds you. Recognize the depth your awareness. Savor your time. What matters are simple things like food, kindness, health and love. We don't need laws to define who we are. Love, kindness and music are spiritual glitter that instantly renews passion and enthusiasm for what matters.

Gold glitters in in almost every color. It is the sunset and moonrise of our emotions. It's that in-between space where we exhale and begin again. Following light of integrity and determination, I’m  trusting what I sense and allowing priorities and potential to come into focus. 

So I’m breathing deeper than usual as I write this and staying on track with change. Today, an artist on the subway sitting next to me designed a cool graphic for a t-shirt on his phone. It was a crown sitting jocularly on the head of a magic moment. Life is magic! In the space of two stops he told me he hoped other people spending time on  phones on the train were also doing something creative. Our senses tune us to the gift of time and what really matters. Sensual living is naturally sharing dreams. It's vibrant.

Life is a journey and I love every step of it because it's my Life. The good and the bad, the harsh too, is mine. Change and chocolate are always part of my life. Sometimes I run out of chocolate, but the dance of change doesn't stop. 

Music is a portal. Listen with your heart and connect with your answers. Intuition is there. 


  1. I get the vibe, but let me still say how unfair it is to give people such inadequate time to find new housing. I wish for you & you neighbors a huge wave of felicitous happenings that land you all happily where you didn't even know you needed to be.