Thursday, February 28, 2013

Multi-Media Thinking & MLK

Survival demands that we grapple with problems that humanity has been trying to deal with through history. ~ Martin Luther King

Intuitive values are our global, personal and natural way to answer change. Depend on courage, dignity and tenacity when things seem impossible. Be curious. Sensual thinking is liberating - just ask Gandhi, Mandela or Martin Luther King.

Thinking sensually, we recognize inner character. Courage, charity and personal integrity are always charismatic. Possibilities evolve because everything changes and we connect with momentum. You have power. Use it.

Multimedia thinking is using what you sense to see the big picture. Doing this holds life together.

Iconic intuitive values are multimedia guides in the darkest times. No one can tell you what to think because the light is always there. You only have to be open to seeing, hearing and feeling, to receive its benefits. Thinking sensually is a natural bridge we walk to follow the light.

Thanks to technology, we are community.  Innovation and community bring creative conversation and cutting edge solutions for the future.  Be curious, explore options.  As we deal with problems from an intuitive perspective together - they can belong to the past.

Sensual thinking  taps into multidimensional creative vision for personal and global survival. We think with our senses and heart, and feel with our mind and soul.  There are always solutions and sharing. Connect with  your inner starlight.

Thinking sensually is a blend  and balance of wisdom and innovation.  The philosophy of experience is based on what we sense. It's peaceful to let Life's spontaneous pop of moments keep connections open.

Book: Fine Tuning, Connecting With Your Inner Power

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