Sunday, July 20, 2014


I was writing a post about boundaries and connected with character. Character is where we find strength of invisible boundaries that attract power, romance, personal satisfaction and success. Character relates to what you value.

Notice what you sense. Learn to find your intuitive boundaries. Use them to live richly and get what you need to have what you want.

Intuitive boundaries reveal personal perspectives that  give clarity for making smart choices. Transparent intuitive values protect personal boundaries. Understanding boundaries makes relationships smoother.

Sensual thinking bonds us with character. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind creates a protective balance of sensuality with morality. By depending on guidelines of courage, determination and patience, it is automatic to notice boundaries, feel direction and find focus. We ‘get’ it.  Stay clear about your sensual boundaries and be cool.  

Our character is how we intuitively protect personal boundaries that bring respect.
  • C - charm feels irresistible because it's selfless. People who are charming make us feel good. When you compliment someone, you are being charming.
  • H - health is wealth. Without it we have no energy or opportunity. Health is part of mojo and what drives us to succeed.
  • A - awareness is sexy. We're aware from the inside out. Notice a fragrance, a sigh or body language. Share awareness and keep the energy flowing.
  • R - reason is the point of tipping balance or securing it. Reason is common sense and intelligence working together.
  • A - action is what change is. It feels good to be in sync with momentum.
  • C - caution is using foresight or prudence to screen the outcome of social and personal choices. It's security and back-up.
  • T - timing is everything. Talking less and sensing more keep us in rhythm with the dance of life.
  • E - easy to do what feels right. It's also being responsible. It's fun to do the right thing and get good results.
  • R - rest is rejuvenating. It's part of self-respect. Our rest has to balance with action, just like day balances with night. Cycles are part of nature and so are we. Respecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs to rest, brings clarity and strength to our waking moments.
Knowledge will give you power, but character brings respect. #Bruce Lee  
Think with your senses and feel with your mind. Notice what condition your condition is in.
 "I just dropped in." ~ Kenny Rogers

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