Monday, June 2, 2014

Born to be physical.

You are born to be physical.
We are physical – born to taste, touch, smell, see and hear. Intuition is our 6th physical sense that guides us to find attitude and balance that holds things together. Because we're physical, sensing is our powerful way to think, communicate and collaborate. 

Just like if you ignore what you see, you will walk into traffic, or if you ignore what you hear, you will get the wrong message – when you ignore your gut feeling, you will head into unhappiness. 

Sensing attitude is part of conversations. We recognize and communicate with attitude. For example, someone's been looking at you with a certain attitude of curiosity. You respond with a gentle smile and a frank expression of dignity. We can’t describe dignity, but there is a physical attitude of dignity that's easy to sense. It’s a humble peaceful sense of self that sets the stage for high potential connections. 

Sense with curiosity and dignity to feel attitude and purpose with your mind. 

 Always relating to others through what you think, can be confusing or tedious. There's more going on than what meets the eye. You know more than your realize. Tuning-in to attitude by feeling with your mind saves time and makes connections. Try it.
Feeling is more than emotional, it's sensual. We sense physical connections literally and through unseen energy. Attitudes we sense are contagious and powerful. For example, the attitude of courage in a crowd– as soon as one person stands up for what is right –everyone is inspired. And privately, through eye-contact, you may sense someone understands you and feel the personal connection. 

In every relationship, there is the unexpected or the ‘impossible'. Talk less and sense more to notice neutral communication zones. Communicate with dignity and patience to build solid physical foundations for moving ahead. Being intuitive keeps the big picture in focus. The rhythm of rolling realities you can sense is real.

Sensing is not emotional. It is using intuitive tools like curiosity, or determination or dignity, to feel what to trust, and what feels 'right'. For best results, don't ignore what you sense is true.

In the 60's, hippies called attitude, vibrations. Today we call vibrations energy. Music is a common way we sense vibrations we can’t see or touch. Intuitive tools like courage and curiosity are physical ways to sync with good vibrations.

Like seeing and hearing, intution is automatic. Good communication is physical and actual. It pays to use intuitive attitudes. Feel with your mind to understand where you’re going. Be sensual and you will notice walls, see alternate routes, see how to get what you need and discover ways to relax.

The next time you feel stress or frustration, why not turn the tables on what’s happening by choosing an attitude of patience or curiosity? Take control of communication and collaborate. Be sensual. You'll be glad you did.

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