Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Communication and Passion

Communication + Passion = Connection 

Sweet dreams are made of this. Genuine connection is the stuff of satisfaction. If you want to make a point, if you want to connect with passion – tell the truth. 

Communicating, like love and kindness, comes from an inner need. Whether we’re trying to sell a concept, get directions or let our feelings be known, our success is always the result of sensual syncing -- the recognition of a common truth. Truth is passion we share.

Great communicators, like Dr. Martin Luther King, stir us because the truth is timeless. We can feel he was true to his heart. We are born to respond with a natural faith in what feels right. That faith is the energy of powerful communication.

Communicating with passion happens when we’re clear about who we are and what we value. Sensual thinking with intuitive global values constantly fuels momentum we need to find what feels right. When we connect with the truth, our energy changes. People sense it and listen closer.

Intuitive values like courage, self-discipline, patience and determination are universal truths that answer to no dogma. In every situation we can trust these for genuine connection.

Everybody is looking for something. It’s automatic to bond with what’s true. We feel nourished by it. When sensually in sync, we feel enthusiasm that touches our whole beings, and we peak. Sensual syncing is the 21st century way to communicate. It’s priceless.



  1. you have an interesting blog. thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts.

    1. Thank you, Sridhar! That makes me happy! Namaste~