Friday, June 27, 2014


People who are happy light up a room. Happiness is contagious and irresistible. We find happiness, share it and lose touch with it. We hear laughter and laugh, smile when someone calls with good news, and feel happy when we have done our best.

Today I discovered that writing about happiness made me feel happy. Writing about how happiness happens and how to stay in sync with it, I picked up the vibe. Because music is sensual refreshment that keeps us happy, I posted a child's music video on the site. Inexplicably, I was humming the music and generally giddy while walking to yoga this afternoon. When we're open to it, the energy of happiness is a tenacious thread thru, no matter what we're doing. How delightful!

Happiness isn't complicated. Sharing a smile, a song or eye contact keeps energy of happiness bouncing around us. Feel the bounce. Happiness is easy to catch.

As sensual beings, it's natural for us to connect with and turn towards happiness. It's good to know why we're happy. When happiness happens, we are at peace with ourselves. Basically, happiness feels good. Music is sensual syncing everyone uses to connect with happiness. Listen to Bobby McFerrin singing, "Don't worry, be happy." and Be Happy. :)

"Hold on to what's important. Let your worries go. No matter how you look at it, some things just don't make sense. The way you choose to carry on is what matters." ~ Author Unknown


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