Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hit With Attitude

Do you ever get hit with attitude? 

 Attitude is the way you text your personality.   

It is shorthand communication for your personal energy.

Everyone uses attitude. Without exception, it’s how we communicate exactly who we are and what we feel. It can be personal, obnoxious, petty or endearing. Attitudes are not always beautiful, but they are genuine. Importantly, when we get hit with attitude, we know where we stand.  

Instead of talking about it, attitude reveals exactly what’s going on. We give and receive it automatically. Energy comes as attitude through our eyes, our tone and body language. Without words, we make a statement. 

We sense attitude in every conversation. Attitudes create boundaries that are safety zones, seduction zones or war zones. Because we are physical beings, everything we sense is physical. We get hit with attitude all the time.

While it’s easy to notice what's going on physically with your 5 senses, in fact, clearest communication is intuitive. It’s intuitive to feel with our minds. The intuitive sense connects with the survival instinct. Through the 6th sense we ‘get’ what's happening as attitude or notice a ‘head’s up’.

Often, attitude reveals someone is lying or they don’t respect your ideas.  Other times, attitude reveals kindness, determination or suspicion. Communicating with attitude is sensual syncing. 

The next time you need to be understood, talk less and sense more. Respond to what matters deeply by maintaining an attitude of curiosity to keep an open mind and dignity to maintain self-respect. People will 'get' your attitude. 

Everyone knows, when it comes to communication, words have limits. That’s why we have love songs and dinners by candlelight. It’s also why we may be misunderstood, not clear about what we’re told or not connecting the way we want. Our senses are our points of clarity. Notice what you notice to think with your senses.

Intuitive values are global attitudes that serve as clean filter zones of potent clarity and protection. They are equally understood and recognized across every culture and age group.

Sensual syncing, the philosophy of experience, is a language of attitude that spans the globe like the Internet. It the foundation for effective universal communication. Use it to work together to bring innovative thinking and solutions in your life and our world. 

Art title: RETURN TO INNOCENCE, 2011
·          Size: 102 x 152 x 4 cm, mixed media on canvas
·          Courtesy Herwig Maria Stark
·          www.herwigmariastark.com


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