Saturday, June 27, 2015

Charleston, SC

By thinking sensually, we are changing how we respond to violence. 

Our intuition is to heal, not destroy. 

When innocent people are murdered in cold blood, global intuitive radar goes up. We unite in a tide of emotional and sensual connection. The emotion is grief and outrage. We sense injustice and the need for change. 

The loudest voices across this country were calls for healing and unity. The dignity of humanity joined together with personal courage and patience, to create a stream of self-respect, a connection and collaboration focused on understanding, healing hearts and finding justice.

By thinking with our senses, we are finding our natural mind/body/spirit/soul connection and changing how we respond to violence. Our intuition is to heal, not destroy. What we sense tells us we are one humanity who evolves by persistently and gently trusting iconic wisdom that serves our lives. We are individuals who communicate with shared intuitive values of dignity, patience and grace. It's natural for these to keep us in-tune with our personal character and a determined sense of obligation. We choose to simply do what feels right.

The tragedy of 7 innocent people, murdered during a prayer group meeting last week, has intelligent people saying that nothing has changed. This simply is not true. We're seeing things differently.
There is no instant answer or band-aid for incomprehensible violence. We feel sad.  But by thinking intuitively, we are embracing what feels right to ensure our future. Sensual thinking is our inborn connection with intuitive wisdom. It is a streaming solution of collaboration and communication that forces us to stay in-tune with our character and in touch with the present. 

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what you see and what you remember, but your senses do. Notice what you notice. By staying clear about the present with mind and heart, we are in sync with each other and with intuitive wisdom. We are creating a future where kindness and compassion are power. It is fantastic.

Every thing you sense brings you insights. You can hear attitude, emotions, information and context. You can see pain and love. Courage, curiosity and dignity are the part of your character  and heart. Character connects with the big picture, and we can keep it in focus. It is by being in the present with clarity of right and wrong, that we recognize our connections with each other and steer the future toward peace.

The cruel event in Charleston, SC brought up old wounds. Prejudice is ignorance. It is an opinion that was formed in the past. Living in the past is walking backwards in the mined field of life. The past is over. Old wounds become scars of courage. We can change only ourselves. 

Those who choose to live in the past will stay there. That’s not the choice of the majority. Moving forward, the confederate flag that stands for slavery is finally being relegated, like the nazi swastika, to a museum of infamy. It’s a small step, but it’s real. Every step toward healing is huge. 

When bad things happen, we question ourselves. Because we realize we are lucky to be alive, our intuitive values become more apparent. By thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds, we sync with inner character and passion that connects with personal strength and timing.  

For each of us, courage is the sole on the shoe of living. Sometimes, it's the only thing we have to stand on. When things get shaky and bad things happen, notice what you sense to stream with change. You will know you’re not alone.


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