Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Changing Problems

Life is like a huge banquet. We pick up what we hope is delicious but sometimes it's a problem, and we need to spit it out. Thinking with your senses is a quick immediate reality check; feeling with your mind guides you toward long-term satisfaction.

Instead of fighting change, thinking sensually simply reveals options. You are grounded by reliable, transparent, intuitive icons like patience, dignity, curiosity, determination and courage. It's a confident feeling that endures.

Problems are inevitable stepping stones of living. The idea is to keep moving. When you are in sync with natural rhythms in your life, then the the big picture and changing problems into answers feels natural.  

Patience, made palatable by curiosity, brings one the our greatest pleasures- anticipation.  Anticipation is a willingness to accept without any doubt. It's feeling with your mind.
Sometimes we call it foreplay. Other times we call it innocence.

Anticipate connecting with your natural rhythms. The next time you're looking for answers, have fun with it. You will find what you need.

Problems create stress. Sensual thinking liberates by connecting with the big picture. Transparent filters, like determination and patience are intuitive personal boundaries. These tools navigate life, 24/7- when we notice them. 

Sensual thinking enhances natural creativity and leads to thinking outside the box to find genuine solutions. Why not pay attention to your 6th sense. It's the arrow on the golden compass that is your heart.

If a choice feels wrong, you know. When it feels right, you're moving. Solutions appear. It's easy.  Enjoy the banquet of your life. Think sensually, take in nuances and look at the big picture.


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