Sunday, March 23, 2014


Make the choice to be plugged-in to what is genuine.

Choices you make based on how you think today will bring a new quality of living for us and our planet tomorrow. Be bold. Be curious. Talk less, sense more.

Think sensually to access your intuitive wisdom.

Think with your senses and it’s natural to have confidence along the personal highway called Fate. Feel with your mind and it's clear which direction to choose for your intuitive connection with wisdom and purpose. 

Think of your senses as portals to opportunity.  You can inhale, touch, hear, taste and see choices. Attitude is a reality check that is easy to sense and always part of the conversation. It's not something you think. Attitude is something you feel with your mind. It is your intuitive connection. To know what feels genuine is simple. Notice what you notice with your eyes, ears, mouth, nose and skin, and tune-in to attitude. 

Sensual thinking tunes-in to the truth, the times and change.

No one but you controls how you think. By thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind, the future is a well lit roadway paved with dependable iconic signs. Intuitive icons are attitudes that connect with global wisdom to guide rewarding choices. These automatically create confidence and a grounding sense of destiny, connection and purposeFor example:
  • Dignity is attitude that signals self-respect. Choose dignity to connect with your heart.
  • Curiosity is attitude that telegraphs an open mind. It's being open to the unexpected. Choose curiosity to tune-in to new options.
Thinking sensually along the rocky road of fate to collaborate, communicate and celebrate creativity for the greater good is how to get green lights to personal satisfaction.
Today, we're always moving. Sensual thinking is resetting the moral compass by simply connecting us with what is genuine. Making choices that feel right, based on what we clearly sense and fortified by iconic intuitive wisdom means connecting with courage, dignity, curiosity, patience, tenacity, humility and gratitude. We have a solid foundation and strategy to bring in the new Humanitarian Age.

Sensual Thinking is not intellectual. It’s action and experience. Spread it.


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