Sunday, March 2, 2014

Having a Bad Day

Having a bad day? Let sensual thinking reset your golden compass in all directions. 
Why not be open to the unexpected? Why not let your golden compass whirl?  
  • Trust what you sense to stay alert about what's really happening.  
  • Listen to what feels right in your mind - It's not about words.
Making it a habit to stay clear about what feels right, results in good fortune. Curiosity feels right. Dignity feels right. Courage feels right. At the core of our hearts is our will. "The will is a product of integrity, not a child of contradictions." ~ N. Sri Ram

Life changes constantly. The simplest way to keep an open mind is to acknowledge that whether the glass is half-empty or half-full, more can always be added. This means making the choice to be open to receive what we want, not what we fear. Sensual thinking brings us liberating perspective.
    Your world is not tiny; open your eyes and your heart.  Everybody has problems. There is the story about a group of friends who got together at Starbucks. They decide to put their problems on the table. Seeing how horrible the others' problems were, each grabbed their own back with a SOR & left. Perspective is a stress-buster that we can trust. It's a natural reset button.
      The result of making hard choices to follow what feels right no matter fear of criticism or loneliness, always results in self-esteem and self-respect. Amazingly, this fills our glass. 
      If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. ~ Ben Franklin

      “Life is a superb and dazzlingly lighted hall, which may be reached only by passing through a long and ghastly kitchen.”~ Claude Bernard   
      Bad days feel like being stuck. Sensual thinking keeps you in rhythm with the big picture.  When you think with your senses and feel with your mind, its automatic to rhythms. It takes you out of ruts of habit and back on the dance floor of living. That's where to discover new options, new dance partners and your own moves. 

       When you trust what you sense with your 5 senses and listen to what you feel with your mind, ythe big picture, and what you want becomes attainable.

      Book:  Fine Tuning Your Sensual Thinking


      1. Having one great day am I.
        In the flow.
        On the move.
        In the know.
        Soaking it all up...

        onward and upward WE go...