Friday, June 21, 2013

The Power of Choice

Your choices matter. Use courage to drive your thinking.

The freedom to choose is the foundation of all freedoms. Luck and chance pay a huge role in our lives. We keep in touch with these is by connecting with intuition and self-discipline. With an open mind you can see opportunities and protect what you value.

This is a time of endless search engine options. We are each part of every possibility. That means, right now, your choices are important. Courage and dignity are iconic intuitive values you feel with your mind. Let these guide your thinking and the results will be powerful.

Make the choice to succeed. Notice what you sense. Your senses respond much faster than your mind. Trust what you know in your heart. Use courage, dignity and determination when you think. Watch how powerful your choices are. Everyone has the choice to give themselves another chance. Here are some famous people who did: