Saturday, November 16, 2013

Feel With Your Mind

I got a text: Follow the Fellow Who Follows a Dream.

Could dreams be feeling with your mind? 
Are they possibly a REM-level workout that keeps your brain healthy? 
If you think so, Dream On and then Follow Your Dream.

It's easy to connect with what you really feel with your mind, by listening to music that feels good. Music puts your mind into a REM pattern  - when you're awake. Feeling scattered is the opposite of feeling with your mind. Music pulls your heart / body /mind / soul together. You feel complete.

When listening to music, you are thinking with your senses. Sensual thinking is physical. The reaction to thinking with your mind is also physical. Your body begins to relax as you fall into rhythm with music you enjoy.

Enjoying music is the easy way to think with your senses. To hear better, close your eyes and feel music connect with your inner dignity, courage and determination. That's feeling with your mind. That's the dream to follow.

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