Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Change 2014 - Sensual Thinking

Everywhere we read, change is in the air. It's a fact of life. When you connect with change in your life, it's a chairlift to pleasure and ease. Navigating change and staying in sync takes know-how. We need filters to be clear about what's truly in our real interests, to know what we're looking for, where we are going, read between the lines, know what's true and hear what's actually being said.

Because media drives us with fear by focusing on what is foul in our world, because big business has knocked us off balance by saying we are not in control of our time choices - that our work is, we are chafing, out of sync with what feels good and feeling stuck. However, because we can think differently, we do notice what we want and what we need. We are connecting with change. Sensual thinking is the handrail of confidence, making personal and global priorities clear.

We're no longer divided. Technology has shown us we're a global culture. We no longer have just one way to think. Search engines have freed us from the draconian idea that there is only one way to dress or one way to build a business.  We feel out what's best and think for ourselves.

There is a common universal handrail of enduring intuitive wisdom to stay on the path of change. It is thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds. We can know when we're headed towards love, success and deep personal satisfaction - or not.

The truth is not date-stamped. It never needs to be defended. Iconic intuitive values like dignity, courage and patience are our personal liberation. Nelson Mandela is a clear beacon of this.

We can step out of the matrix of commercially-induced mindsets. It's our world and our time to take control of it. We are thinking differently by fine tuning what we sense is right. We are not going to repeat the social patterns of the past. Sensing is transparent and timeless. It's a reality check that keep the bigger picture in focus.

Thinking with our senses and feeling with our mind puts personal intuitive wisdom front and center of the decision-making process. Thinking sensually is the clear way to collaborate, create and communicate our ways out of the morass of fear, abuse and disillusionment of the past to a renewed connection with community, creativity, self-confidence, and pleasure. We are entering a New Humanitarian Age.

Sensual thinking is innovation working with the actuality of wisdom from the past to create a bridge to the future. It is thought evolution that is our powerful, timely way to think in sync with change.

Iconic values like dignity and tenacity bring clarity that connects with inner confidence and faith. We can feel a natural inner strength that has nothing to do with any religion. Instead, it's a foundation of wisdom gleaned from lessons of humanity that transcend religions and generations.

Confidence is a mind/heart connection. Feeling courage, dignity, tenacity or curiosity with your mind is the natural intuitive way that you connect with your heart. The new way to think opens our mind/heart/soul connections. It's not intellectual or emotional. It is liberating.

If you are not sure whether you believe something because its dogma or if its a universal human truth, sleep on it. You will know when you wake up. The truth is a feeling we call clarity. It feels like being in step with change.

Be your own hero, live the truth!
Start fine-tuning your senses to connect with your inner truth.

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