Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Power of Innocence

Innocence speaks the language of the naked truth.  

It is our connection with courage and change.  

Severn Cullis-Suzuki is an environmental activist who gave this speech at the UN Earth Summit of 1992, when she was only 12 years old.  Listen to it. Feel the passion of innocence.  

Because innocence is hard-wired to what feels like truth, it drives our passions. The truth renews us. Passion is personal. It powers us to meet challenges of communication, change and opening connections.

Innocence is awareness tuned to our intuition that keeps us in touch with the present. Today, we are resetting the moral compass. Things are changing as we change the way we think. Social transformation is a reflection of the way we treat ourselves, each other and our planet

Innocence keeps us in sync with change by reminding us who we are. It has the power to keep us true to our hearts. Once we tune-in to our hearts, natural passion drives change. We thrive and unfold in harmony with the times. By listening to our own innocence, we stay aware of the big picture. Everyone is part of the big picture. 

Think with your senses. Feel with your mind. Notice what you notice. Stay in step with change in your life and our world. Stay in step with Now.

Innocence is access to the private, inner free zone that connects with your dreams. It is your channel to courage and passion. Every person is born with a dream. Stay in touch with yours. Never give up. 

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ~ Darwin
Innocence flames your passions. Think with your senses. Feel with your mind. Be free. The inner power of innocence constantly resets your drive to thrive.  Innocence embraces change.
C - is creative, challenging and constant. We are all part of it.
H - happens naturally without our permission. Being part of it unites us.
A - is adapting and action, just as breathing and loving are part of adapting and living.
N - brings new answers, opportunities and solutions through the innocent creativity of an open mind.
G - galvanizes passions.
E -is everywhere, every day for everyone.

F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “I don’t want to repeat my innocence, I want the pleasure of losing it again.” 



Book: Fine Tuning, Connecting With Your Inner Power

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


 Simple is what we sense.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Confucius

Simple stuff to consider: You can see things more clearly, taste more to eat less, touch to renew your spirit, smell and be amazed, and hear humor, music, love and connection. Your senses keep life simple by keeping you in sync with change.

When you notice what you notice, your senses reveal opportunities and passions.  Respond with an open mind to what you notice. Keep it simple. Often we complicate relationships with a knee-jerk response that resists what we notice.
To keep things simple, trust what feels deeply right. For example, we may sense that something needs to change, but rarely consider it's us. Be honest with yourself. No one is perfect. Notice and trust your gut feeling. Personal courage is directly linked with patience and passion. Use it to keep things simple.  

I recently gave a talk about how to beat writer's block, and a participant commented, "You make it all so simple." Yes, it is simple. We make things complicated by ignoring our own dignity.  

Noticing what you notice makes it easy to get out of your own way. Just like writers hit blocks, there are roadblocks in every life. Fighting change is how we lose touch with momentum and good timing. 
Instead use sensual thinking to read the signs.
Things that are supposed to stay with us do, and the stuff that's over, doesn't. Everything happens as a response to change that is already part of the stream of living. Notice what you sense. Stay in the flow of your life and steer it with dignity and courage. 

Newton said, 'for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'. This means when you fight change, it gets complicated, and when you go with it, you discover new options and the sensual power of momentum to achieve your dreams

Trust that what feels honorable and right, is. Keep it simple.

Change in your life is not an option; harmony is. 

 Elton John - Harmony

Friday, November 7, 2014

Mental Bondage

Feel what you notice with your heart/body/soul/mind. 


Intuitive thinking is the natural drive for personal freedom. In our busy lives, old ways of thinking make us prisoners to an invisible matrix of ideas where we feel stuck or not sure about what's wrong. It's mental bondage. The worst kind of bondage is when there's a 'nudge', but we don't realize we're enslaved.

The 'nudge' means, it's time to reconnect with your potential. Pause for a minute to see, taste, touch, feel and remember your heart, body and soul. Slowing down to really connect with the big picture of your life ultimately saves time.

Sometimes I get so busy, I don't realize that I'm doing things the way I've always done them, and that's why the results are the same. LOL The matrix of thinking patterns is not a cool place. Since we have the ability to think with our mind, body and soul, why not connect with it all? Freedom means accessing leverage, momentum and new choices. 

Sensual Thinking keeps us in sync with change and personal freedom. Use it to tune in to who you are and your real needs. Be multidimensial.  Think with your senses and feel with your mind. Take the most advantage of this time in your life.

 Intuitive Ways to overcome being stuck in a cycle of mental-bondage:
  • Collaborate with others and the interwebs to find answers. Keep an open mind.
  • Think outside the box of the expected by noticing what you sense. 
  • Keep communication transparent with intuitive filters of dignity, courage, patience and tenacity. Don't settle.
  • Connect your inner passion with your mind by being curious. Use determination to stay connected with natural momentum. Breathe.
  • Never sacrifice sincerity. Stay in tune with your sense of truth. Be kind
Follow hunches. = $$$
  • Don't focus on the past unless that is where you want to be. Look forward, and that is where you will go.
  • Throw off inner emotional bullies. Dwelling on problems leads to emotional lockdown for new thinking. Use determination and the idea of possibility to stay aware of what you sense in the present. Be part of change.
  • People who are negative or who complain all the time are toxic for you. Be sympathetic and then distance yourself. Life is always changing. Good and bad find balance only when you keep moving. 
  • Say no when a proposed new commitment won’t work for you. Be true to yourself and you will avoid burnout and depression. 
Honor your sense of purpose and personal needs.