Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life is rich.

Life has many seasons. Every year we find renewal in the spring.

Spring makes it obvious that Life is rich. 

Feel the change. Your magnificent potential is blossoming. Intuitive mind-body connections that bring anticipation or wonder are good. Live to the fullest. You are more than just a mind and body. You have soul.

Every season is a vitamin boost for all of our senses. Everything changes. Seize moments with your senses.  Fnd answers you need by using dignity, curiosity and courage to filter-out confusion. Listen to your heart. Connect with love you hold inside.

Did you know that when you relax your eyes, you can see into them? 
Look in the mirror into your eyes.  
What do you see?  
You see your truth.   
It's awesome.

Thinking with your senses is relaxing because you sync with your soul. When listening is relaxed, you can hear in technicolor. Simple things become exciting. You sense freedom.  You can sense what you need.

 Music is a powerful sensual connection. Enjoying rhythm, melody and beat is a stress buster. That's why we often close our eyes when listening. Other times, music is a call to action that pumps us with steady momentum.  Feel the music in your life. Respond to it.

Kindness is something a deaf man hears and a blind man sees. 

Don't wear blinders. Take in life with open eye, open ears and it will open your heart.

Love is everywhere. You will be amazed. 

Black eyed peas: Where is Love?

Curious#Happenings are coming.




  1. In loved the phrase 'Springtime is a vitamin boost for all of your senses.' We moved from CA to AZ 3 years ago. People always asked me how I could leave the ocean, but what I miss is green and color. The wildflowers are starting to bloom and with everyone, but I feel a new sense of joy and rebirth.

  2. Thank you, Cathy. I'm happy it evoked such rich memories! The mind/heart/soul connection is sensual thinking. Nature rocks us!