Thursday, February 28, 2013

Multi-Media Thinking & MLK

Survival demands that we grapple with problems that humanity has been trying to deal with through history. ~ Martin Luther King

Intuitive values are our global, personal and natural way to answer change. Depend on courage, dignity and tenacity when things seem impossible. Be curious. Sensual thinking is liberating - just ask Gandhi, Mandela or Martin Luther King.

Thinking sensually, we recognize inner character. Courage, charity and personal integrity are always charismatic. Possibilities evolve because everything changes and we connect with momentum. You have power. Use it.

Multimedia thinking is using what you sense to see the big picture. Doing this holds life together.

Iconic intuitive values are multimedia guides in the darkest times. No one can tell you what to think because the light is always there. You only have to be open to seeing, hearing and feeling, to receive its benefits. Thinking sensually is a natural bridge we walk to follow the light.

Thanks to technology, we are community.  Innovation and community bring creative conversation and cutting edge solutions for the future.  Be curious, explore options.  As we deal with problems from an intuitive perspective together - they can belong to the past.

Sensual thinking  taps into multidimensional creative vision for personal and global survival. We think with our senses and heart, and feel with our mind and soul.  There are always solutions and sharing. Connect with  your inner starlight.

Thinking sensually is a blend  and balance of wisdom and innovation.  The philosophy of experience is based on what we sense. It's peaceful to let Life's spontaneous pop of moments keep connections open.

Book: Fine Tuning, Connecting With Your Inner Power

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Effective Connections

Connections aren't always physical. Sometimes they are mind to mind – like texting and instagram – or we feel an intuitive nudge. The most exciting mind to mind link-ups are a combination of sensual, emotional and physical.

Dynamic communication often feels like curiosity or respect. We look, listen, taste and touch to find what feels right. Sensuality is cellular focus where we discover ourselves inside the bigger picture. Spontaneous insights reveal responsibilities and opportunities in focus and in-sync with our deepest passions. The result is priorities are clear. We make smarter long-term choices.

Seeing the big picture is how we nourish each other. Rhythms and understandings keep us in tune with change. Mind to mind connections define what we value to cultivate good timing, intimacy and love that builds confidence and resilience. By thinking outside the box, we understand our own needs.

For good timing, we balance big picture responsibilities with personal priorities. This bring us together and opens communication by heightening pleasure and trust. Texting, focused with eyes, mind and fingertips simultaneously is pure sensual meditation. Intuitive thinking is a daily renewal of options and clarity where we naturally unwind and connect organically.

Comparisons between change in the 60's and change now cannot be denied. Instead of Vietnam, we have blatant greed and corruption uniting us to create, innovate and collaborate for the greater good. It makes sense; we're different. We can be real without being cynical or foolhardy.

We grok our environment and each other for boundaries of Humanity. Life is a dance of blending energies and sharing the thrills of balance and Love

Balanced emotional connections keep us in our comfort zone of effective connections. Mind to mind through music, eye contact and eating keeps us satisfied and tuned to what we value. 

The big picture is changing from a world steeped in the past to a bold, wiser, peaceful new world – a blend that feels like balance.

Our prize is to work together, recognizing and sharing jewels from the present and the past that unite and uplift humanity, and letting the rest fade away. Power is in the hands of those who want to see.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Change = The New Normal.

 Sensual Thinking is your 360 °connection. 

It is the multi-media reality check that links potential with change

Thinking sensually is a rhythm of constant reinvention.

Our 5 senses keep us directly in tune with the present so that we don't go through red lights, walk into walls or drink scalding hot tea. Our 6th sense, intuition, is the way we feel with our mind to clear away psychological noise in order to tune-in to, identify and respond to important signals.
With intuitive icons, like courage, dignity and foresight, we easily recognize long-term priorities. Thinking sensually creatively guides enduring solutions to social problems.
Sensual thinking is holistic. It's a 360 ° portal to the big picture of who we are. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind reboots perspective, 24/7. This keeps you clear about priorities no matter what happens. Thinking with sensually keep us in sync with the moment.  Being in sync with change is the natural way to see potential, hazard and best opportunities. Using your 6th sense taps into iconic values and filters hype. It's the spontaneous way to safely, productively navigate change.

Search engine living and multi-task thinking are bring the big picture into focus. Linear thinking and singular focus, is 20th Century. Today, we know that if we google for an answer, the right one will be the one that feels right. We are already thinking with our senses. We can sense balance and justice.

Much travesty of the past was the result of physical and intellectual isolation. Thanks to the interwebs, today is a time of global connection. We are one world. We hear still, small voices and respond with our own. There is power in numbers.

Our world vision is transparent. We don't like injustice. Slowly, the bullies are becoming out numbered by the masses. The new Humanitarian age is not going to happen overnight, but change for the greater good is already happening every day.

We have a new way to see the future. Because today we text, skype, blog, ignore time zones and have no limit on content access, we are free! Use your freedom wisely. The important thing we have in common is our ability to use our connections for the common good.

In the flux of change, using your senses with your mind will make a difference. You can screen and filter choices and decisions while staying in touch with the big picture. Accessing the power of all 6 senses is not a secret for a select few monks and it's not for 'intellectuals'. It's so simple that every child does it.

Your unique perspective of connection and the power to create the future is fueled by the times we live. Vibrations through your eyes, hands, a bud in your ear or the ‘phone’ in your pocket, make you an important part of today. Our new Humanitarian age is full of adventure and risk. Thinking sensually is the way to fortify yourself with concrete skills and strategies to cross the bridge of change.


Sunday, February 17, 2013


Jane Bernard : Philosopher                                                         BOOMER REVIVAL

Reality Check : 360° Degree Thinking

It’s time to crack open the bottle of champagne.  A ripple is coming that never stops - a transcendental SOR, an exhale, good vibrations. A new way of thinking is born.

Using 20th Century linear thinking is impotent. Like a snake shedding dried skin, we are rubbing it off. The age of multi-media  search engine thinking takes what hippies were talking about in the 60’s to the next level. Search engine technology has opened our minds to the possibility that anything is possible. 360° Thinking is Sensual Thinking - an organic access, guide and road map to quality living.

Technology is cool and so are we. Yes, with sensual thinking there is salacious detail : a different way of intimacy and understanding that would make Mr. Spock blush. It's making us more creative and more transparent. 

Curious#happenings will be streamed live or you might be there to experience the comfort of being a sensual, intuitive 360° Thinker. Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds is how we're becoming intuitive thinkers and communicators. Life is amazing. 

Here's an impressive example:

If you're reading this, you're already part of a revolutionary happening. In fact most people under the age of 30 are natural sensual thinkers. This is a time of change and every generation has change agents. Baby boomers who are still in touch with change will naturally be sensual thinkers.There are a lot of flowers, whole new generations ready to bloom.  Curious#happenings are edu-tainment events to celebrate this wave of change. They are sensual thinking where live music breaking down identity barriers between generations and surprises, combining experience with innovation makes it natural to find new solutions for old problems. 

We're putting together an amazing and exciting team. Musicians, Educators, Doctors, Air Quality experts, Geeks, old hippies  and young thinkers - and that's just scratching the surface. This blog will keep you looped.